On Media

On Media
June 18, 2020 leonard slatkin

There was always music in my life. Whether listening to my parent’s string quartet rehearsing at home, going to the Hollywood sound stages, or attending recording sessions at Capitol records, I cannot remember a time when there was a sound of silence.

This chapter looks at how the world of communicating through music has changed from the advent of the electronic age. In particular, I try and sort out why the American marketplace abandoned classical music in the latter part of the twentieth century. There was a time when I was making six or seven discs a year. Now it is often just one and sometimes none.

Perhaps we have not figured out how to fully harness the new technologies that are out there. Or maybe the repetition of the same pieces has taken us to the point of saturation. What will be the next platform that musicians use to get their messages to the public?

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