On Diversity

On Diversity
May 25, 2020 cborelli

Those of you who have attended concerts for more than fifteen years will have noticed that the musicians onstage do not look the same as they once did. More women have entered the orchestral workforce as have players of Asian heritage. The use of a screen to isolate instrumentalists from the people judging their auditions has certainly been responsible for some of these changes.

However, the number of black and Latino orchestral musicians remains disproportionately low, and in some cases, has actually diminished. In this chapter, I try to analyze the pluses and minuses of the use of the screen during auditions and offer a new method for the process itself. Having participated for more than half a century in this ordeal, I certainly can attest to how it has changed.

Please submit questions that address how we might find solutions that would increase diversity as well as keep artistic integrity high.

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  1. Pablo Urbina 1 month ago

    The question of increasing diversity in our orchestras has to be addressed in direct correlation with the need to have greater diversity in our audiences. If the younger generations identify themselves with some of the members of their local orchestra, our industry stands a bigger chance to increase diversity more organically. How do you see the role of music education through orchestral outreach taking on a more prominent presence in programming in the upcoming years in order to increase diversity? Thanks!

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