On Agents

On Agents
April 27, 2020 cborelli

One of the questions I am most often asked has to do with managers. What do they do? Do I need one? How do I get one?

In this chapter I look back at my own history with those who have overseen and shaped my career. This is a part of musical life that has changed dramatically over the years. Understanding the difference between the agent and the manager is crucial in building a career. One’s relationship with that individual can make or break even an established artist. Finding the right fit can be difficult, and I offer a few suggestions in terms of what to look for in the person who will take care of your business life.

Please ask questions relevant to the role of music agents in today’s world.

Questions and suggestions (3)

  1. Joe A. Wilkins 1 month ago

    Is it possible to sign with a manager too early in one’s career? How will I know if/when it’s ever the right time?

  2. Pablo Urbina 1 month ago

    I would love to hear your thoughts in this chapter on the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, but applied to managers and agents. Does an agent help establish a conductor´s career or does an agent of a major agency only becomes interested when your career is already on its way to being established? You have mentioned many times in the past how careers are now very different to when you started as a conductor, but do you think yours would have been the same without an agent? Thank you Maestro and greetings from Palma!

  3. anonymous 1 month ago

    When starting your career, should you look for an agent/manager, or should you let an agent/manager find you?

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