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  • JUNE 2020: Recovery Edition, Part 1

    Nearly three months into the process of isolating ourselves physically from the rest of society, members of the arts world find themselves struggling to come up with solutions for how to return, if we really do, to a more regular pattern of life. This has given us a lot to think about, and this pondering has produced some interesting experiments.

    Performances are given with musicians all over the world participating, their images projected onto our devices as if they were an extended version of the Brady Bunch. I was involved in one webinar with eight other people and found myself in the middle of the three-across group. All of a sudden, I was Paul Lynde on the Hollywood Squares.

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  • RACHMANINOFF: Orchestral Music

    Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff Conductor: Leonard Slatkin Soloists: Walter Planté, tenor; Arnold Voketaitis, baritone; Mariana Christos, soprano; St. Louis Symphony Chorus…

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  • Leonard Slatkin Conducts Elgar

    Composer: Edward Elgar Conductor: Leonard Slatkin Soloists: Pinchas Zukerman, violin; János Starker, cello Orchestras: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, St. Louis Symphony…

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  • Leonard Slatkin Conducts Vaughan Williams

    Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams Conductor: Leonard Slatkin Soloists: Hugh Bean, Violin; David Jones, cello; David Mason, flugelhorn; Thomas Allen, Baritone; Benita Valente, soprano; Jane…

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  • The Melody of Rhythm: Triple Concerto & Music for Trio

    Soloists: Béla Fleck, banjo; Zakir Hussain, tabla; Edgar Meyer, bass Conductor: Leonard Slatkin Orchestra: Detroit Symphony Orchestra Works on this…

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  • Slatkin at 70: Greatest Hits

    Composers: Aaron Copland, Cindy McTee, Maurice Ravel, Charles Ives, Leroy Anderson, William Bolcom, John Williams, Hector Berlioz Conductor: Leonard Slatkin…

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  • Leonard Slatkin: The American Collection Box Set

    Composers: Leroy Anderson, Edwin Eugene Bagley, Leonard Bernstein, Dudley Buck, Aaron Copland, John Corigliano, Morton Gould, Ferde Grofé, Richard Hayman, Victor Herbert,…

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  • MAY 2020

    Throughout my adult life as a musician, I have never experienced what most people would call a daily routine. Those of us in the profession don’t keep regular hours. We have rehearsals and concerts on different days at different times. Sleep patterns change depending on when we complete our work and then start up again.

    Now that I have been holed up in my bunker for six weeks (or has it been six months?), I have a consistent regimen. It did not take long to settle in, and I suppose it was inevitable that some sort of pattern would emerge. Conductors do not practice at home; they study whichever works are next on the agenda. As the cancellations kept rolling in, the need to have pieces ready to go disappeared.

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  • Slatkin Seeks Participation in Book Project

    April 13, 2020

    Leonard Slatkin is involving his readers in the development of his upcoming book about the changing landscape of classical music in our time. He encourages readers to contribute thought-provoking questions and suggestions that may inspire him to expand his analysis of the theme at hand.

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  • APRIL 2020

    Well, here we are, mostly stuck at home—some working, others studying, and many trying to figure out what to do to fill the time. For me, the month started quietly, but by the time I started rehearsing with the DSO for planned performances of Carmina Burana, the World Health Organization had declared the coronavirus a pandemic, and life in the United States began to change. The next few days brought concert cancellations, starting with those in Detroit.

    Next it was with the young musicians of The Orchestra Now at Bard College in New York. We were supposed to play a program in Manhattan, but the school shut down classes, and you just cannot rehearse an orchestra virtually.

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