• Slatkin Seeks Participation in Book Project

    Leonard Slatkin is involving his readers in the development of his upcoming book about the changing landscape of classical music in our time. Every Monday he will post the title of a chapter, along with a summary of the topic he will address therein, on the Commentary section of this site. He encourages readers to contribute thought-provoking questions and suggestions that may inspire him to expand his analysis of the theme at hand.

    Readers may post queries and suggest avenues he might explore within that chapter using the form that follows the text. Collaborators will be credited in the final product (or kept anonymous by request).

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    On Education

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    Throughout my education as a student of the Los Angeles Public Schools, I was the beneficiary of a great system that included a rigorous arts curriculum. However, for more than two generations, there has been a steady deterioration of arts programs and a decline in how our young people are taught about the creative process.

    How did we lose this valuable aspect of education? As we raced to get to the moon, we slowed down in regard to the culture. I ask you to consider how we might change the current thinking and implement true change in our educational institutions. Please submit any questions or comments.

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Latest from the Journal

JUNE 2020: Recovery Edition, Part 1

Nearly three months into the process of isolating ourselves physically from the rest of society, members of the arts world find themselves struggling to come up with solutions for how to return, if we really do, to a more regular pattern of life. This has given us a lot to think about, and this pondering has produced some interesting experiments.

Performances are given with musicians all over the world participating, their images projected onto our devices as if they were an extended version of the Brady Bunch. I was involved in one webinar with eight other people and found myself in the middle of the three-across group. All of a sudden, I was Paul Lynde on the Hollywood Squares.