• A Lesson for All

    Usually, the first rehearsal for a new season is a straightforward affair. We make announcements, introduce new musicians and…

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  • The Right to Bare Our Souls

    “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his…

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  • Where Has Curiosity Gone?

    During the summer months, music festivals abound all over the globe. Some are fully professional and others are distinguished…

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  • The Cup Overfloweth

    About 12 years ago, when my son was 8, he played soccer for his middle-school team. Every Saturday, as…

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  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Play

    “Sarah Brightman Signs On for International Space Station Gig: Soprano will pay $52m in bid to be the first…

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  • The Wait Is Not Over

    Every one of us has had the following experience:

    All of our lines are busy. Please hold for the next…

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  • Where Did Our Musical Legacy Go?

    Several months ago, I wrote on this site about the lack of younger American talent on the podiums of…

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  • The Listener as Participant

    It is always astonishing when a simple gesture leads to a heated debate.

    At the start of a tour to…

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  • How African Americans Have Left a Mark on Classical Music

    I have been working on a new chapter of a book about the challenges faced by the classical music…

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